The answer to your burning question; ‘how can I sell my house now?’

For those who have been asking ‘how can I sell my house now?’ and let’s face it there are many property owners who are in this position because property is not moving as it once did ‘pre – recession’.

With the UK property market failing to react as it would do normally, unemployment, cut-backs and huge changes to mortgage products available these days (these are less attractive due to banks and building societies taking less risk) within the mortgage market.

All the aforementioned factors have forced property owners across the UK (whether domestic or commercial) to seek faster and more successful methods of selling a property.

National property buyers such as ourselves will purchase your property (regardless of its state or where it is situated in the UK). In fact it is possible to have sold your property and have cash in your bank account within a number of weeks (rather than a number of months).

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