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Wondering whether now is a good time to contact a company that specialises in purchasing quick sale houses?

You may be interested to hear that consumer confidence in the housing market remains stable, despite the gloomy outlook for the economy.

That is according to the latest report from the Building Societies Association, which revealed 44 per cent of Britons felt that now was a good time to buy compared to 25 per cent who did not.

This was an improvement on March, when 41 per cent were positive about buying and 29 per cent were negative.

Commenting on the figures, BSA head of mortgage policy Paul Broadhead said: “Although there has been a stream of gloomy economic news recently and the uncertainty about the Eurozone has increased dramatically, consumers’ views on the housing market remain remarkably solid.

“Many people believe that it is currently a good time to buy, and about one in eight will be looking to enter the market or move in 2012, especially in London where 21 per cent intend to buy,” he added.

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