Need a Quick house sale in London? Who doesn’t !?

A 2012 report from Shelter uncovered the startling reality that is to rent a two-bedroom home in London is unaffordable for those families earning less than £52,000.

London is the largest and busiest city in the UK with the highest concentration of inhabitants per square foot. Not least when it comes to commercial organisations’ with UK head office presences, investment banking, finance and commercial / domestic properties; they all reside in this thriving city and its’ surrounding areas.

With the mayor of London having to face many challenges at this point in London’s colourful history one of the biggest new mandates the mayor will have received since the role was originally created is the power to finally address London’s housing crisis.

From this month (May 2012) the mayor of London will be completely responsible for London’s entire house building budget – (this equates to over a third of the UK’s national pot of money and significant areas of public-owned land).

Yet it still remains the case that quick house sales in London are achievable mainly through national property companies such as our own.

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