How can I sell my property quick if I can’t afford to renovate it?

With house prices slipping in many parts of the country, many homeowners are turning to home improvements in a bid improve the value.

However, re-fitting your kitchen or converting your loft may not increase your property’s value as much as you may think.

According to the annual home improvement survey by HSBC, a loft conversion now adds just over £16,000 to a property’s price – significantly less than the £20,000 plus it would have added to the asking price a year ago. Further to this, those who decide to carry out this kind of work will find that any “added value” is far less than the cost of the work itself.

With the cost of making improvements rising and the financial benefit becoming less productive in terms of property value, many homeowners are wondering whether it would be a better idea to answer yes to the question should I sell my property quickly instead?

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