Homeowners saying; “I want to sell my house quickly” are happy with latest mortgage news

According to chartered surveyors E.serv there were 58,610 mortgages were given out in January 2012 which is a 30% increase when compared to the January before.

Out of the mortgages given to property buyers who applied there were over 15,300 which were lent on homes and properties that cost less than £125,000. This is the exactly the price bracket that attracts the majority of first time buyers.

Since March 2008, there has not been such a large number of mortgages given out when buying these types of properties.

The Government’s stamp duty holiday – which allows first-time buyers to avoid the 1% duty on homes costing under £250,000 – ends in March 2012. This means that first-time buyers will be rushing to buy properties before the deadline, which is perfect for homeowners saying; “I want to sell my house quickly” who are very happy with the latest mortgage news in the UK!

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