As family debt rises homeowners in the UK turn to the ‘sell my house quickly’ route

As the amount of people in the UK who fall into the category of ‘being in debt’ increases so does the average amount of debt owed per household and today’s figures show an alarming degree of high, unmanageable debt which sees many in the UK struggling.

In a recent report issued by Aviva entitled; ‘Family Finances Report’ the figure revealed for the number of families in the UK who are now struggling with debt has risen 50% in 12 months.

When debt becomes unmanageable there are a number of options open to homeowners (but releasing equity is not always the best idea or in fact an option open to all). However, with the housing market slowing down again at the start of 2012 it has become far more difficult to sell my house quickly through the traditional method of using an estate agent which is making things even more difficult for struggling homeowners.

Many people with families have found that to ‘sell my house quick’ is a great way to free up cash to pay off crippling debts and provide them the flexibility to perhaps move closer to areas with better schools in a rental property.

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