When homeowners choose the ‘sell house fast route’ and a property won’t sell it often leads to seller anxiety which most certainly leads to mistakes

There are a number of mistakes that homeowners are inclined to make when they are trying to ensure they are successful using the route of sell house fast and some of these mistakes are as follows:

When properties are being advertised for sale through traditional methods such as estate agents and they don’t attract buyers within the first 3-6 months there is a tendency for homeowners to make small price reductions continually in order to ‘entice’ buyers.

In actual fact the message that it sends out to the market when continual price reductions are made (no matter how small) is that the seller is desperate.

The fact is that the longer a property has been for sale on the market the more jaded buyers become because they assume that other people who have viewed the property firstly have rejected it. There is actually little difference dropping the asking price is going to make in a situation like this.

One way to overcome the issue surrounding lack of buyer interest is to ensure that the cost of your own property is 10% less than the sale price of neighboring houses.

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