How long will it be before we see fast house sale Greater Manchester again?


As we are all painfully aware it is not just the property market for fast house sale Greater Manchester that has slowed to a near halt but across the country homeowners are wondering when the housing market will pick up in their areas too.

House sales in the UK are at their lowest slump since the beginning of the 70’s.

Last year only 869,000 homes were sold in the country which shows that sales have more than halved since 2007 in the run-up to the banking crisis.

Fast house sale Greater Manchester and across England, Scotland and Wales is possible through the less traditional route of quick cash house sales companies.

For over 4 years estate agents in the UK have been closing and making staff redundant and there are many who have found it more commercially lucrative to change into lettings agencies due to the now huge demand for rental homes.

Home Builders Federation’s Steve Turner comments that the property sales downturn has severely quashed demand for any type of new build which sees property builders reigning back their activity as work dries up. “The number of people employed has probably dropped about 40% and a lot of smaller companies have disappeared, so you have seen a wide-scale reduction in the capacity of the house building industry.”

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