The steepest house price cuts in the UK and more homeowners are turning to sell home quickly

Some of the biggest property price cuts in the UK have occurred within the North and  North Western parts of the country. Homeowners in certain areas who have been forced to substantially cut their property sale prices in Blackpool, Chesterfield, Rotherham and Stockport have seen a combined price cut equating to 9.1% off he original property valuations.

Apart from Yorkshire and key areas in the North West the price drop in London in monetary terms is one of the biggest seen in over a decade in the city. Average property price cuts in our capital city represent a whopping £41,791 discount from the original property asking prices.

Experts warn that by no means should we think that the house cuts are over because it is to be expected that property prices will decline further this year, however, cash-strapped homeowners now have an option to sell home quickly utilising the professional services of companies who offer a fast completion of sale and instant cash.

In Cheshire it’ is Stockport that has seen the largest price cuts and proportionately combined price cuts represent a huge 49% of homeowners who have had to cut their original sale prices at least once (if not more).

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