Quick house sales are possible particularly with properties’ located near reputable schools

It has been revealed that property prices in areas that are home to the most sought-after primary schools in England can be inflated by 42% compared with others in the local area.

For example, houses in the catchment area of one Lancashire school sell for an average of £572,500 – around two-and-a-half times the cost of homes in the rest of the region

To combat the middle-class stranglehold on places, some schools are now introducing a lottery-style admission process, in which names are picked at random from a ballot.

As many as nine pupils are currently competing to secure access to top state schools.

This is an ideal situation for those who live near a school and are looking to sell their home. We buy any house at Quick House Sales and, with the vast increase in prices, you will be able to get a fantastic deal.

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