2012 Budget and property taxes make quick house sales UK even more of an attractive proposition

Whilst this year’s Budget was of little surprise to anyone in the country, it did still prove ‘interesting’ if not a little ‘controversial’ to see just how far the government were planning to go with their new ‘mansion tax’ policy.

There had previously been mild speculation about the possibility of a flat rate income tax for everyone and many had hoped that they would hear the government making a commitment to cut the State’s share of GDP. All this was wishful thinking and most had looked upon the dire UK deficit in a realistic manner, therefore, there were no nasty shocks in the announcements made last week by George Osborne.

The Budget, did, however, show an interesting shift in trend from an increase in the individual income tax allowance to the taxation of the wealthy (at least those who owned a property of £2 million or more).

The government pledged to make every concerted effort to ensure major loopholes were avoided for those people who qualify for the new tax.

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