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One of the first things you need to do if you are planning to sell your property through an estate agent and want to make as close to full market value as possible is to ensure your home or property is in absolute peak condition. The traditional way of selling a property to get the best return demands a seller to have all elements of the property in place; plumbing, electricity, insulation, double glazing and so on to aesthetics such as paintwork, decoration etc. This is outside as well as inside.

Should you have a garden with your property this should be well maintained.

The amount of work that some properties require before they are ready for sale on the property market can set sellers back hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds; in the current market (cash tight) it is not possible for all property owners to spend on their properties to present them in peak condition for sale.

The quickest, cheapest and most convenient way to sell a property is to deal with national property buyers such as us; we are able to purchase properties anywhere in the UK, in any state of disrepair, quickly and for cash.  There is no need for a survey and virtually all the normal stages of selling a property in the traditional sense which cost time and money do not need to be conducted.

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