What will persuade prospective property buyers to buy my house now?

There are numerous reasons why a homeowner maybe thinking, “I wish someone would buy my house now” and likely many more reasons as to why it might be that the property has been on the market for some time.

The current state of the UK housing market does not bode well for those who are looking to sell their properties quickly through traditional means such as estate agents. Unfortunately for those selling a property in 2012 it would be a little ‘over optimistic’ to assume that achieving market value or above is actually going to be possible to do. In many ways it is a buyers’ market because of the choice available and the fact that many properties have been reduced in value for a faster sale.

However, even with significant drops in property sale values there is a high percentage of properties across the country which are still not selling as they should because of the financial pinch, redundancies and general lack of expendable cash. One of the key factors with property buyers is that there are not that many great mortgage deals out there, particuarly for first time buyers because financial institutions are less willing to commit themselves when there is little competition in the market to do so.

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