Housing market set to fix property prices helping property owners who’ve asking ‘who will buy my house quickly?’

Plans for a fixed-price housing market to ease the high property prices that lock many Londoners out of home ownership have been outlined by Siobhan Benita, the independent candidate in the London mayoral race.

Benita, who is the only independent candidate in the running, will set out the “new housing option” at her manifesto launch.
Benita says that if elected, she would break “the crippling cycle of spiralling property prices that prevent Londoners from getting on the property ladder”.

Those who qualify for the homes would take part in a lottery and the “winners” would be allowed to buy the property, whose prices would be increased each year by the mayor.

Homeowners wishing to give up their property would have to sell it back into the same fixed-price market at the uplifted rate.
Benita has conceded that sellers within the fixed-price market would make less profit, but argues that it would allow individuals to either stay within that market and free up their cash or leave with some equity built up for a deposit to buy on the open market.

So the housing market is set to fix property prices which now helps property owners who have been asking ‘who will buy my house quickly’?

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