Homeowners asking “Who will buy my house now?” can now relax because we’ve got the answer!

Property owners across the UK are despairing of the housing market which has slowed down substantially within the past few years and house prices have dropped considerably. Available mortgage products from financial institutions currently offer little by way of help to a high percentage of first time buyers who are now expected to ‘stump up’ larger cash deposits to secure a new mortgage.

The aforementioned factor, coupled with a significant drop in the market value of properties across the UK along with the incredible rise in unemployment figures (now at an all time high in the UK) and unemployment currently stands at 2.7 million which has risen from 28,000.

The staggering rise in unemployment happened in a 3 month period from the end of October 2011 to the end of January 2012 really putting the dire situation in the UK into perspective.

So, for all those who wish to know ‘who will buy my house now?’ at Quick Buyers we have the answer to your pressing question and are able, in many cases, to complete on your property within 4 – 6 weeks. For those that need cash quickly from their property we have your answer!

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